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<chapter 2>
= Prima =
"So who's going to teach her first?" asked Alchemist
"Me first, since she approached me first" said Liege
"No fair..I'm the last one she picked" argued Quintos

I raised my voice "To make it settle, whoever she approaches first TODAY, will teach her first. Agree?"

"Oh Sonic!" called out Onyx since he has the loudest 'roar' from the Primes. Her head pops out from the side of her hanger and looking wondered
"Would you like to play today?" and she wags her tail and twinkles her ears and came running towards us. I placed her in the middle 

"Now Sonic, you chose which one you would like to play with first" and I backed away.

"Look Sonic, shiny stuff" Solus showed his clean weaponry "No, no, no. Looky here baby, I got magic" twilight Quintos "Check this out, wrecker style!" said Alchemist as he pounds his hands on the metal and create a flower 

"oooh" amazement, haha how adorable, but she didn't went near to him. Still sitting in the middle

"Here, look Destroyer" then Liege let's out his dark side wanders, and made Sonic clap in joy, but..still not going close

Then Nexus, turned into these smaller versions of himself and carried Sonic towards his place, I grab her "NO cheating Nexus"
"Aww man, Sonic just chose me and everything will be done"

"Looky here Sonic" Vex opened a space time vortex, he went in and out with the other "how cool was that" it made her tail wag, but didnt make her come?

Then the two, Alpha and Micronus, still mad from yesterday; but I think I know she already picked one. Me. She's been staring back at me after the others showed their stuff. She walked towards me with open arms "no no..please" then she hugged my leg, and wrap her tail along with it. " honored to be your first instructor" then I can fell her vibrating (purring in a term)

. . .

We went to the surface and went towards the Cybertron Academy, for her to be, of course trained and well educated by us 'teachers' like to our students; but since the academy has declared recharge day on every week of every revolution, we have the whole academy to ourselves to teach for Sonic..

The Primes sat down by the side liners, and waited for their turn, 2 hours per training..that doesn't seem much for a scrapling, right? (I'm not good with children stuff, really)

"Alright Sonic, I'm the leader of the Primes and as of equality to my job and teaching, I'll teach you about Leadership Training"
she just sits there, until I heard a growl from her stomach region

"Sounds like someone's already hungry in a start mode" mocked Solus

"Um...anyone has some energon cubits?"
"I do" Quintos then went down form the bench and approached Sonic, as he gets near, Sonic glows and starts to 'explode' from scrapling stage. She still has everything, the tail, the ears, the feline eyes sort of way "Woah"

"Prima, I'm hungry" and now..she can talk "here you go" Quintos then feed her until she burps and he wiped her face

"Let's begin. Select your tool" she picked the staff with a blade as sharp Onyx's wings and a gradient color of darness form the bottom to a gradient color of light towards the top of the point.

"What's the purpose of this for Leadership anyway Prima" asked Nexus
"She must learn how to defend herself, similar to defending her family, friends, and comrades"
"Are you sure..she's ready?"
"Let's see then"

We went to battle positions after the questions. I'm a bit scared that I might hurt her..since she's a beginner and practically small...

As she got to her post, she spins her staff fast and accurate like if you went to touch it while spinning cycle, it feels like it might chop your hand off. Rotates all over her head like a martial arts professional. "Ha!" she points her staff as a threat to me.

I got to my post, and slash my blade around for persistent, and on how I'll move around a scrapling sprout :D 

"Ready Sonic?"
"Ready!" such a cute voice

We charge towards each other, I swing my blade and she flips backward; she 'digs' the tip of the blade on the ground and spins herself until she kicked my face and I fell backwards "(gasp)" I heard from my brothers. she lands and barrets her staff and poised with greatness.
"Alright" I dusted myself off as I stand up "No more easy level, challenge time"

I charge towards her with my blade up in the air, she spins her staff and as a drag my blade down, she stands her guard with her staff vertical to her head and our weapons clashed hard with a 'ding'. Even though she's little, our positions were not move due to the same amount of power. I was already in turbo, my engines running fast, Sonic moved by inch now. haha! until..

She turned her staff to her left side, making my blade slip off, and me too. Before the blade almost cute her left hand, she removes it so quickly, like in my vision everything is in slowmo except her. Again, as she removed her hand from the blade's almost cut off, she digs her staff to the ground again, instead of spinning, she uses the staff as her sort of rod like weapon and pulled herself up; she flips over the staff and pile drive's me toward the ground; slamming so hard, it made a big circulation of cracked metal and bolts around us.

"my head..." I shake off my head and looked at her, she's so peacful, cute and you can't see her true self from her innocent face "You're ONE STRONG little scrapling Prime"

and all the Primes cheered her name multiple times..."Sonic! Sonic!"

~ + + + ~
= Alchemist =

"My turn!" I'm so excited to challenge my little scrapling sister. I got down from the bleachers and exchanged places with Prima, then ran towards her.

"Hello there Sonic"
"Hi..." her voiced just echoed, since I'm tall and my hearings audios are a bit champed or closed during the fight with Unicron. "I'll teach you how to be calm and be magical, Let's start!"

I bent down and touched the ground, then the room was covered with my powers, that you might think you're outside the hall practice gym, but no. It's just a background. "Come close Sonic" and she did, I put my hand in front of her and made nother flower for her "Imagine how beautiful this Life that Primus gave to us, almost resembles to an organics life world" and I placed the flower between her right ear, and she looks adorable.

"Follow me Sonic" I positioned myself and she copies every move I do. From the brushing of my foot with the same movement along of my swaying hands, like feeling the ground with you along. "Close your eyes" aww.. "Whenever you don't know what to do in times of crisis, just relax your mind, your body. Erase all disturbing thoughts that may bother you...after the meditation, we're now ready to begin the battle"

We walked on opposites side, I chose my weapon, which by the way is nothing because my powers are already in what organics call 'magic elemental powers'. She chose her weapon which a scorched blade, Liege's favorite blade "Woooh! Go SONIC!" he hooted out, then came along the others who cheered; until she grew a bit bigger, the size of my whole leg. Wow. 

It was a stand still for awhile on who'll charge first...

She jumps above me then points the blade towards me, which I blocked by making hard 'vines' to shield me. I heard her yelp in anger, which is funny; then she stopped. I can see her lurking around my force field shield. What will she do next..?

Then I heard everyone gasped, until I realized she disappeared. I felt a poke on my shoulder I turned and saw her..she grew again?? 'teenage mode' has still of her feline looks, eyes, fangs, ears, but no more tail. She waved her hand as a HI then punched me through the field, which hurt..ow...
As I try to rose, I saw her walking towards me..weird thing is her feet aren't on the ground..

"Prepare to lose brother" she then ran around me, until a tornado was made and it lifted me up spinning with it "AHH!" then I landed on the other side of the gym. She looks so..forceful of 'ruling' me over.

I crawled and closed my hands, then the metal beneath her feet closed along her legs which made her immobilized. She first looks at me 'wrong move' ... She lifts her hand and bluish-purple light streams swims along "(gasp)" It's the effect of Dark Energon..but how..

The metal around her leg, rolled outward, releasing her from my trap. She lifts her blade up and then strikes to the ground, her symbols showed in a circle. A crack came towards me then stopped. I looked at her one last time "Game..Over.." she then smirks, she lift both her arms; the metal beside me opened towards the opposite directions. She spin her hand one time, the metal then traps me like a caterpillar inside a cocoon "Ah!". Her symbols around the sword have vanished as she removed her blade and came towards me. She placed the tip of her blade under my chin, then smiles at me 'poor you'; dragged down her blade in a flash and my trap opened in half perfectly precise...I dropped to my knees in my weakness of losing to my little sister.

~ + + + ~

"Sonic Wins again!" she smiled at the moment and offered her hand to Alchemist, he grabbed it and helped him up. Dusted me off and threw the blade backwards, EXACTLY shooting to where it was placed..she then winks at him, I'm still shock on what happened that I came and escorted Alchemist towards to his seat again

"I'm sorry Alchemist!" she yelled as I gently assist him to sit "It's alright!" he yelled back 

"Who's next?" asked Prima

"I am" I approached and came walking across him, he then pulled me "Hard level" then he pats my back and I thumbs up with his agreement. I cracked my knuckles and I smirked at's a bit awkward that both of us are smirking. She has a plan already.

"To be fair, close your wings Onyx" said Prima
"Fine" I locked my wings upward, so my wings look like statues.

"Choose your weapons!" I upgraded my hands into Lion Claws, fangs out then I roared making her scare if it was effective in some sort. I saw her rotate her head to soften her wires at that part, then at her shoulders, then she bends down a bit. Turns into a full feline and then growls at me with a Sonic boom, making me push from my original place. Now it has begun :D

She strikes then pounces at me, I roared, blowing her away then she flips and slides back to her place. She changes form into a cheetah. Like a striking lightning, she circled me until she pounces in front of me, trying to bite my face off. "Ha!" I hit her by the belly portion making her fly to the other end; trying to get up. She got up and with a quick sling, a pair of wings. She screeches out a high pitch sending my hands to cover my audios. "Ahhh! NO FAIR!" 
I opened mine and both of us flapped our wings as hard as we can until we push one off guarding place. 

I closed my wings then strike towards her. Hitting her face, leaving a scratched; bleeding...I went too far...she felt the sting and touched it...

As she faced me, her snout went long and a deep loud growl was released from her mouth, her body becoming broad as her arms and legs began to have blades slim like paper but sharp, and a tail with spikes so sharp even by might get punctured deep.

"He went too far" said Nexus "Goodluck Onyx!" thaaanks for that sarcasm brother.

She opened her wings, as she flaps them at the same time she breathed out fire and her fire hit my abdomen part...making my breathing less and less. I flew up, spin, and strike towards her with my claws up. She closed her wings around her body and created a shield, as I hit that shield, I just fell from my attack position laying in front of her.

Sonic then whips her tail, making me glide, and giving me a headache. ouch. She walks towards me, grabs my head and starts slamming my face towards the ground. One more up, and I spit out oil and flamed her up "AH! hissss.."

Her evil glares back again, with purple eyes as deep as night, she grew taller, wings more bigger and stronger. She breathes in and roars at me, at the same time flaming my whole metal, now I'm hot...ahhh!!. She flap her wings one last time, and I flew towards the wall.

"Onyx lose, Sonic wins!" yelled Prima "I think that's enough training for one day" then Sonic lighten up again. Her voice went low a bit, but..with a little swoon of tone, oooh. Her eyes much more glaring, her body with form, chest much...huge? or tough, shoulders broad up, and her position..I just..want her...

"You think so?" All eyes are at her, and she's so...beautiful 
"uh..uh...yeah..." answered Prima "Wow...pretty...Prime"
"I'm not"
"I want to..." his hands went towards Sonic, she slaps them away "Don't even dare touch me, just because I look like this"

Rafael Roxas di mo talaga alam kung gaano kasakit kung paano ka magsalita no?..

"ohh before that let me return the favor to you I would like it to leave it this way, until u change, ok? before i start acting cold like you"

I maybe cold, but at least i care

Rafael Roxas di mo talaga alam kung gaano kasakit kung paano ka magsalita no?..

"ohh before that let me return the favor to you I would like it to leave it this way, until u change, ok? before i start acting cold like you"

I maybe cold, but at least i care

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