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Sexy Tarn SFW by crusader1081

As always it,s horny and Aweosme, but the lining of the bed to make him a little sink in the bed is a little bad at start but I know yo...


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I'm too bust right now, since it's the last quarter of the school year...and of course I have no time much on drawing the comics you want me to finish...

But promise after the school year I'll try to submit many drawings as I can for your entertainment :D 

see ya after 2 months (after struggles...)

and could someone instruct how gross or slimey is a frog's skin..we're going to dissect a frog next week or next next week (ew)
<chapter 1>

[ As to those who can recall, Chromia was invented by Primus, in a fully grown state to defeat Unicron's Reign on Cybertron, but of course, Primus wants his first little femme experience being a's begin the story ]

    After days of fast reviving Cybertron...

I went to the above world, for I live inside my father's heart for he IS the WHOLE CYBERTRON PLANET, amazing right?, can you believe a planet can build so many creatures? living mechanical beings..and I'm one of them and my brothers..but it's kind of lonely being the only femme Prime in the pride. 

    Reaching the surface world, seeing light shed upon my metal, the warmth and cool of the temperature around until something caught the corner of my eye. It's standing with a curve and slant, it has many metal around on chamber and two on its stand, I pulled it from the ground. How peculiar this thing is

'Seems like Chromia loves nature' *glows*

Then something shines around me, a whole bed of them. Oh my. Swaying, like..dancing with beat and all of it glows and spelled out my name, I laughed inside "Father!" 
"Just have fun and be safe, alright?"
"Ok..but what are these things anyway?"
"It's what organic beings called a plant, mostly a flower"
"Flour er?"
"No, flow er"
"Now you got it"
"what are organics?"
"Organics are beings who needs air to live, metal for tissues of skin, our chassis in theirs are called bones made up of cell marrows, our chips on theirs is a muscle called a brain-"
"So, in conclusion, organics are..creatures made out of pure organic substances?"

I stood up and placed what my father called a flower near my visor. I walked a bit more, awkwardly I'm the tallest femme comparing on the mechs about 4 ft higher. Can't help being noticed by many; then I saw children running around my leg, chasing each other. I'm very ticklish, so I pick the two up in front of me

"Hello young ones"
"Hi!" said in unison
"i can tell that you two are...twins?"

"I'm Speedy" said the mech "and I'm Dash"
"pretty perfect for a couples of scraplings running around so fast"

"But I'm much faster!" proudly said Dash "na uh, I am!" answered Speedy
"C'mon, don't fight"

then we heard a loud gasp from afar it's their mother "Speedy! Dash! don't disrespect the Prime!"
"You're a Prime?"
"yes, there a problem?"
"No..our mom is just scared of us touching a HOLY item from Primus"
"Oh..well then you two better get back to"

I put them down and tapped their heads, and everyone kept on looking at me, until the two reached their mom. The mom then came and bowed in front of me "I'm sorry for my children's rudeness your highness"
"'s ok.." I tried to help the 'mom' up, but she wont let me hold her.
"I am of a filthy low leveled one, your highness"
She stood up and half bowed, and drove out with her children.

'Chromia, time to go'
'Yes Father' I answered, through my mind

Everyone kept on looking at me, until I got home and sank down towards the center. Sitting, thinking about everything that happened today.

"Is everything alright Chromia?" asked Prima
"No..a 'mom' got frightened of me because I was playing with her children"
"That's the way everything must go Chromia, we are Primes, they must respect us, follow us, and in return we lead them, mostly..we SAVE their lives from threats like the last time. Unicron."
"Yes sir..."

The Primes then went to their berths and recharged, while I'm still awake, watching all corners of Cybertron. I can't sleep due to my curiosity about a Prime's history...and life...and what to do, I was just born yesterday for crying out loud! I want to start from the beginning

'Chromia...why are you still up?' dad's spark then approaches me and put his hands on my shoulders 'you must rest young one'
"Father...why are Cybertronians terrified of us?"
'I created them, and one of them kills a Prime, I take away theirs'

'let me want to know how's a life of a Cybertronian, aren't you?'
I just nodded
'For you my little one, of course, as you wish, but first you must recharge for tomorrow's 'new day' alright?'
"Yes Father" then he transports me to my hanger between my brothers.

+ + +


"Rise and shine young one!" I entered her room and saw her foot first, outstreched in the air; her arms folded and tossed over each other, and her other foot on the edge of the bed swinging, while her face is smudged on the berth. "Seems like you can't sleep on hard stuff"

"Chromia today's the day!"
she then rises from her bed, her wires all crippled and twisted
"Atten~TION!" then I honk my horn

"Ahhh I'm up, I'm up!" the way her wires were on bed, it glue was added
"Get scrubbing, the ritual is about to start"
"Yes brother"

+ + +

The one Prima called ritual, is just doing movements that can make my body reverse from the 'motion of time'.

'Chromia, stand in the cirlce formation of Primes' i did what I was told, 'Vexel..' he bowed and then started running around the circle while these symbols beneath my feet started to light up, one at a time, him running, saying 'spells' as they call it. 

All I see from the symbols are colorful lights, sparks, i don't know who's are these but it's fun to watch that sparks can dance even without a body to move with. Until everything went, sudden, dark. 

+ + +

I woke some bars around me, i saw siluohuettes above my face, covering the light. "Oooo look how cute she is" sounds like a monster voice. "Weclome to the Primes, little one" then a pair of hands picked me up, I felt something moving above my head..why do I have cat ears? why do I have a cat tail??


they placed me on the floor, I stood up as I tried my 'first' steps I tripped over my tail and everyone kept on awing me

"How bout we call you Sonic Boom Boom instead?"
actually I remember my name, Chromia and the event I fought Unicron, but I can't remember the names..the ones in front of me and I'm creaped out front the light form to a body, too scary.
"No way, not a good name for a tough lil' fella" said the one with horns, has a like cape from his back and a grievous tactic smile "How about Destructor" then the one with bulky and pointy build commented "I would prefer Destroyer"
"It's not too lady-like" opinion of the one with long follicles as s/he grab me away from them...I don't know if he's a he or a she..."Primus, why can't we just name her Chromia again?"

'She needs to earn the title again to be a Prime once more' said the light form robot...but I'm a amaze in a way. I tried to walk up to him and raised my arms "da..da"

"Her first words, wow, she's a fast learner" said the one in a bubble, and then I went close to him "! stay back!"

'let her do what she wants, after all she's a scrapling now'

I kept on trying to pop the bubble, but it wont "This bubble is made from a penetrable substance from Cybertron's inner most liquid layers- Hey, what are you doing!?" everyone starts to giggle because I was nibbling the bubble "Stop it!"
"-.-" I felt a tingly sensation from my body, then these streak of lights from my arms came out, these shiny lights then went dancing n my hands, as I touched the bubble it made a hole and I went in floating around him "woooowww.."
"What the..."

then everyone faced the one called Primus, the one I called Dada. He just grins.

"Alright you little pest, off you go from my protection" he grab me and let me out of the bubble

I saw this one with crazy functions out of his body, so many screws, knots, bolts and wheels out of his body, why? I went close and just stood in front of him. He bend down to my size "Hi there" I just touched his face for its so...interesting and awkward looking; as I do so light then shined from me instead of this dancing light in my hands, its still on my hands but it formed into marks like on my arms. My body then changes, metal folds and folds on each other until I look like him.
He carried me "You're one amazing shape-shifter!" then something warm went up to my throat and I coughed it out and it hit his face leaving black marks and he coughed out smoke "ow.."

"Someone might be a beast in appetites :D" said the one with wings like blades and face like terror, but I like him.

Then I saw this one dancing his arms around, like casting something, I followed until a spae vortex opened above him and it sucked him and the one with a beard that's holding a pen and a tab. "Ahhhh!"
I went to the tab and saw these writings, I tried to copy them 

'A bit of a curious one isn't she'
"Yes" said in unison. Until the two came back, going down from the elevator shaft "ha ha, very funny Chromia"
"My notes!" yelled the one with a beard and grabbed me "tsk tsk, no no Chromia, that's bad"
"(stick tongues out)"

I went down and saw the table with water of different kind of colors, "ooohhh"
"No Chromia don't!" yelled the one with long like tentacles swimming in air; I kept on mixing chemicals until it exploded in my face and I went flying through the room "weeee!" my back starts to tingle and then out came wings, butterfly wings and I kept on flapping in the air "(giggles)"

"I got ya!" said the one with a sword slink on his side and he craddles me in his arms "I would rather call her Sonic first for awhile, like Primus said, she has to earned..and she has got of LOT of learning to do"

'Sonic it is'

Until my head went heavy and my eyes closed and everything went to darkness
been busy lately, but at least school will be over in a few more months...(sigh) when will the torture end
I'm too bust right now, since it's the last quarter of the school year...and of course I have no time much on drawing the comics you want me to finish...

But promise after the school year I'll try to submit many drawings as I can for your entertainment :D 

see ya after 2 months (after struggles...)

and could someone instruct how gross or slimey is a frog's skin..we're going to dissect a frog next week or next next week (ew)

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