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Let's begin
<chapter 2>
= Prima =
"So who's going to teach her first?" asked Alchemist
"Me first, since she approached me first" said Liege
"No fair..I'm the last one she picked" argued Quintos
I raised my voice "To make it settle, whoever she approaches first TODAY, will teach her first. Agree?"
"Oh Sonic!" called out Onyx since he has the loudest 'roar' from the Primes. Her head pops out from the side of her hanger and looking wondered
"Would you like to play today?" and she wags her tail and twinkles her ears and came running towards us. I placed her in the middle 
"Now Sonic, you chose which one you would like to play with first" and I backed away.
"Look Sonic, shiny stuff" Solus showed his clean weaponry "No, no, no. Looky here baby, I got magic" twilight Quintos "Check this out, wrecker style!" said Alchemist as he pounds his hands on the metal and create a flower 
"oooh" amazement, haha how adorable, but she didn't went near to him. Still sitting in the middle
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Aqui Joyas (friend) by ChromiaSonicPrime Aqui Joyas (friend) :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 0 0 Snow painting by ChromiaSonicPrime Snow painting :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 0 0 dragon practice by ChromiaSonicPrime dragon practice :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 1 0 Optimus Prime's new look(Robots in Disguised 2015) by ChromiaSonicPrime Optimus Prime's new look(Robots in Disguised 2015) :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 18 10
Welcome to the Primes little one
<chapter 1>
[ As to those who can recall, Chromia was invented by Primus, in a fully grown state to defeat Unicron's Reign on Cybertron, but of course, Primus wants his first little femme experience being a's begin the story ]
    After days of fast reviving Cybertron...
I went to the above world, for I live inside my father's heart for he IS the WHOLE CYBERTRON PLANET, amazing right?, can you believe a planet can build so many creatures? living mechanical beings..and I'm one of them and my brothers..but it's kind of lonely being the only femme Prime in the pride. 
    Reaching the surface world, seeing light shed upon my metal, the warmth and cool of the temperature around until something caught the corner of my eye. It's standing with a curve and slant, it has many metal around on chamber and two on its stand, I pulled it from the ground. How peculiar this thing is
'Seems like Chromia loves nature' *glows*
Then something shines around m
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Vivi and Lewis by ChromiaSonicPrime Vivi and Lewis :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 5 7 Page 39 by ChromiaSonicPrime Page 39 :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 1 0 Page 38 by ChromiaSonicPrime Page 38 :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 1 0 Digital Practice #2 (OC Version) by ChromiaSonicPrime Digital Practice #2 (OC Version) :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 6 0
Age of Extinction (my version) 4

"Sir! sir, I've just discovered from this element on how the Transformers transform into vehicles and what so, I call it Transformium" said the scientist who always eats offense fat
"Hmm I see, well now, let's see our model" I said as I head towards the table, a white ball came up, I grab it and showed it to my assistants.
"Let us begin the new age of technology" I pop my hands sidewards and the ball begin to scatter metal, following my hands, not even falling out of place; my work is amazing!
"That's incredible" said my assistant
"I know it is, and with this element, I have constructed a new era of human helping robots"
- + + + -
I went to the basement where my top model is SHOULD be look like Optimus Prime but it wont look like him for some reason. "We're making a FRIENDLY robot. Does that face look friendly to you?"
"Ugh, no, no sir"
"Then why can't we copy Optimus Prime's face then, huh??"
"We don't know sir, it just doesn't follow the
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Meet SteelJaw (Robots in Disguise 2015) by ChromiaSonicPrime Meet SteelJaw (Robots in Disguise 2015) :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 28 12
Age of Extinction (my version) 3

"We're the awesome foursome, and your the five" said Hound making a big welcome to Optimus "and you the..."
"rogue" said Sonic
Hehehe I got an idea to get rid of this girl. "Optimus have you forgotten about the right 'ceremonial entry' ?"
"Crosshairs, my IQ is not as high as yours but I know your tricking with something"
"We Autobots still not convince of...her...'status' in our clan"
+ + +
I then call out for Sonicwave to get back here
"I don't want!"
"Please, I want my team to accept fully"
then out of nowhere, she landed behind me "When do you want to test to begin?" with a smirk on her face, as usual...but I know she can defeat all.
+ + +
"So...what's this? A ritual?" asked Cade
I went close to his face "No, its like testing who's the strongest in the team. Don't worry, it'll be fun". "For me" and then I chuckle a bit and wait for little cutie's orders, in which case, Optimus.
"Settle down everybody, first off, D
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Mature content
Age of Extinction (my version) 2 :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 2 0
Chromia Sonic Prime (beast version) by ChromiaSonicPrime Chromia Sonic Prime (beast version) :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 8 2 Page 37 by ChromiaSonicPrime Page 37 :iconchromiasonicprime:ChromiaSonicPrime 3 0
Have fun looking through my gallery! :D


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Rafael Roxas di mo talaga alam kung gaano kasakit kung paano ka magsalita no?..

"ohh before that let me return the favor to you I would like it to leave it this way, until u change, ok? before i start acting cold like you"

I maybe cold, but at least i care

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